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All Americans aren?t exactly agreeable on the health care reform even though its intention is universal health insurance coverage and reduction of premiums. As soon as the health care reform became legislation, about 12 states filed lawsuits against the Obama Administration or the federal government, arguing that the bill impinged on right of choice and it cannot force people to buy health insurance.

The law tries to increase the health insurance coverage by making it a federal mandate that requires many of America?s 50 million previously uninsured to buy insurance. However the law does provide for subsidies but also enforces fines or penalties if they don?t buy. This of course comes to effect only in 2014.

Legal experts say that the federal government has a lot of say in regulating public health and more so since it is making it affordable. Experts also say that law suits from states like Florida and Virginia will simply not succeed.

It might make sense to see what Massachusetts has achieved ? reduced the number of uninsured from 9% to 2.7% by pursuing model of universal health insurance coverage. May be then states might develop an affinity towards this whole healthcare reform. One reason why states are dragging their foot is, the bill mandates setting up of health insurance exchanges which will help small businesses and individuals buy health insurance at competitive rates. States fell this would not help but hurt patients and limit access to health care.

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