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The state of Massachusetts has already revamped its health care system and reduced the uninsured from 9.7% to 2.7%. The main drawback of this reformed health care and health insurance system is it has not helped the state cut costs. But some health care industry experts do say that, the reducing or cutting costs was not the main aim of the reform in the first place. However the health care reform bill passed by the federal government does have cost control as the agenda.

Most of us will not notice any change in our health care, according to the Obama Administration, as the reform aims to bring about changes in stages over next four year. This is so because 58% of Americans who get their health insurance coverage from their employers will continue to do so and no major cost impact will be felt.

People who will really see a sea change in their health care are the uninsured 32 million Americans who will get health insurance coverage. They will be able to buy low cost health insurance through the health insurance exchanges run by the state or may be absorbed in to the rolls of Medicaid, the federal health care program for low income individuals. And it is difficult to believe that people who are going to get health insurance will not like the change, in fact they will welcome it.

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