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It is official. Florida will not run the high risk health pool on its own. This means that it is now the responsibility of the Federal Government run by Obama to be responsible for the federally subsided high risk health insurance plan that insurance people who are not able to buy health insurance in the market due to pre existing medical condition.

Florida governor Crist has written to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in which he said that that Florida Finances do allow it to run high risk health insurance pool but insisted that in principle he agreed that state and federal government need to work towards ensuring health insurance and health care for all Americans. He said that State of Florida was in the process of balancing its budget and as a governor he could commit any of Florida?s resources towards federally run health insurance programs. He however promised all assistance Florida could offer to the federally run high risk health insurance pools.

Ms. Sebelius has sent a letter to insurance commissioners and state governors if they would like to set up a federally subsidized high risk health insurance pools or would they like to leave it to the Department of Health and Human Services. This high risk insurance pool would b e for people who are not offered health insurance due to pre existing medical condition such as diabetes and cancer.

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