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Health care reform bill aims to bring health insurance coverage to all Americans and does not want people with pre existing health conditions such as cancer and diabetes to be uninsured. The states can run the high risk health insurance pools themselves or leave it to the federal government, which will then run the high risk health insurance pools through Department of Health and Human Services.

The federal government run by the Obama administration has set up a $5 billion one time subsidy towards the high risk pool and to make health insurance more affordable. The share of each state will be based on population, need and will not depend on who runs the pool according to HHS spokesperson. Florida?s share is $351 million.

Acting assistant secretary for public affairs Jenny Backus wrote on HHS blog, that the all the eligible Americans who meet the criteria will have an option to join a high risk health insurance pool program and have an opportunity to get medical care.

33 state governors replied to Ms. Sebelius of which 22 said they would choose to run the high risk health insurance pool programs themselves with help of federal subsidies.11 state governors want the federal government run the high risk health insurance pool. This is of course is not without political overtones.Georgia insurance commissioner does not want Georgia to join this program as he expects Supreme Court to hold this unconstitutional.

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