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Many critics of the health care reform say that the high risk health insurance pools that is being set up by the federal government will be exhausted very quickly. $5 billion pool will not last very long, as it will be overwhelmed by people who will be requiring urgent and expensive procedure and drugs. There are millions of such people out there, without health insurance but needing medical care. Many supports do agree that premiums to join this high risk pools may be high enough to exclude the people who need them the most.

There are some people who are 65 years old and working part time jobs that pay pretty decent but do not office health insurance benefits. They might have diabetes, but this pre existing condition does not allow her to buy health insurance. They just pay the doctor in cash and the total payout is about 300 dollars a month. If they need an operation they just have to depend on charity hospitals.

Some health care industry workers hope that high risk health insurance pools are able to help uninsured people that you normally see milling about family health centres. They are normally poor ? either unemployed or working poor. Family health centers do give them primary care but if they need an invasive medical procedure or chemotherapy they are referred to private hospitals. Since they have no health insurance, they might to pay out of their pocket.

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