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Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has come out with a report that states that the new health care reform, which aims at providing health insurance coverage to previously uninsured Americans will end up costing &311 billion instead of saving money over next 10 years. Though President Obama insisted that this health care reform would not only provide health insurance to all but also bring down the cost or ?bend the cost curve? was clearly wrong.

It seems really funny to think that we can bring the cost down while we are extending health insurance coverage to may be 32 million previously uninsured Americans. Quality of health care coverage would nose dive if we did not build the medical infrastructure first. And this whole health reform thing is going to end up costing more than $311 billion are there is sure to be a roar of protest over Medicare cuts.

The report also indicates that by 2019 over 14 million Americans will lose group health insurance coverage provided by their employers as the employers may drop the coverage. Also the costs of all types of medical devices and medical equipments such as orthopedic implants or wheel chairs will increase due to new taxes and this will be passed along to the consumer, furthering the escalation in medical costs.

Delray Beach Florida
City of Delray Beach Florida
Zip codes: 33482 & 33484
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