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While the health care reform bill is trying to bring about health care reform such that many uninsured Americans now have health insurance and reduce costs, nobody is too sure that is actually what?s going to happen. This is gaining ground after a report from HHS that says health care reform will actually end up costing $311 billion over 10 years.

The number of Americans who will actually gain anything meaningful ? like meaningful health insurance coverage is low and due to Medicare cuts, seniors will see a sharp decline in quality of their Medicare coverage.

The only we are now sure of is that federal government will need to keep spending more and more every passing year to provide health insurance coverage due to rising costs.

Lot of people think that tort reforms are the answer to reduce the health care costs. But this would mean that we can shave of about $6-7 billion of the total healthcare costs. But really does not help, does it. Other say, why not impose a tax on pharmaceuticals and ensure this tax is not passed down to the end consumers but absorbed the companies. But drugs make up less than 10% of the total healthcare cost. These suggestions may save small amounts but do not address the main problem.

The main problem about bloated healthcare costs and consequently health insurance costs in America are the predominantly unhealthy lifestyles that Americans seem to favor. Americans are such as eating bad unhealthy food, getting fatter and lazier and therefore the health care costs are rising.

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