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There are many working poor who will have to pay financial penalties if they do not buy health insurance under the new health care reform bill. Many adults who are around 46 years old and working have not had health insurance most of their working and adult life. They are the kind of people who live close to the edge and cannot afford to buy even subsidized health insurance.

Such adults should be thankful for health insurance at subsidized rate, but many say they still cannot afford it. They insist that they will not be buying health insurance, even though under the individual mandate of the health care reform bill, they will be penalized. Heavy subsidized health insurance will cost only around $1,845 a year while the contribution from the government will be around $ 2,756.

People who are working poor and do not have a health insurance cover say they cannot put in that kind of money for a ?maybe? kind of situation. Such people earn may be around$25,000 in a year. For them even $1,845 a year is too much and to put it that is very difficult if not impossible. Predominant thought on individual mandate on buying health insurance is ? people who pass such laws do live the way we do, so even if they are trying to help, it does not really work out.

Destin Florida
City of Destin Florida
Zip codes: 32540 & 32541
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