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The new health care reform act has mandated that every individual needs to have a health insurance cover or pay financial penalty. The legality of this mandate is still being questioned. One reason this mandate was created was to ensure as many healthy people into the individual insurance market to offset the costs and consumption of many sick people, who will be actually driving the medical costs up. But nobody quite factored in ? what if health people will not buy health insurance, just because they feel it is unjustified expense, especially given the economic scenario.

Many health care analysts feel that the key is making health insurance coverage affordable to the poorest sections of the society. Many people will be willing to buy health insurance rather than pay the penalty simply because they feel the security a health insurance cover brings is worth it.

According to some estimates more than 32 million Americans will be covered by health insurance by 2019. More than 50% of these will be buying health insurance for the first time in the individual market and the rest 50% will be covered under Medicaid.

Many people are skeptical that so many uninsured people will actually start buying insurance. Therefore it is not the smartest thing to assume that new healthy people buying insurance will subsidize sicker people needing more medical care. The scenario that we need to look into is that what happens if people do not buy health insurance?

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