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What Is Offered For Dunedin Florida Health Insurance? --

There is disturbing study that states that about 33% of people who tried to acquire health insurance in the private market were refused insurance or charge excessive because of a pre existing medical condition. Many people feel that the individual health insurance is almost impossible for most Americans due to cost factor.

The health reform bill envisages health exchanges being run by the state governments or federal government, through which the citizens of America will be able to buy health insurance at reasonable rates. The law also bans health insurance companies from refusing to sell health insurance due to pre existing medical condition or dropping people due to a medical condition.

Experts say that premium subsidies will also be given to people who buy health issuance through these exchanges. The premiums that people will have to pay for health insurance are capped at 6.3% of their annual income. The subsidy of course drops as the income increases and people at around 400% of federal poverty level are expected to pay about 9.5% of their income.

It?s hard to predict whether the carrots and sticks of subsidies and penalties will suffice to bring people into the system, when there are so many are unemployed or underemployed people, many earning less in today?s economy than before and worried about job security and prospects.

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