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According to a study conducted by American Thoracic Society, it was found that that people who have no health insurance had a 50% chance of not receiving critical care services as compared to those with health insurance. The study also found that people without health insurance were less likely to be treated with invasive procedures even after they were admitted to the intensive care units.

Without health insurance, the consumers who become critically ill experience worse clinical outcomes as they are able to access fewer critical care services when they become critically ill. One way to reduce this disparity is to ensure no one is refused health insurance on the basis of pre existing medical conditions.

Statistics say that more than 33% of the population under 65 years of age is uninsured for some length of time in any given year and critical care costs are now nearing 1% of US GDP.

Uninsured person normally delays going to the hospital until the last moment. Hence they tend to require critical care much more than the person with health insurance, who would be visiting doctors pretty regularly. Uninsured patients, who have access to hospital emergency room, in fact require admission to intensive care. Also people without health insurance would not be using ambulance to get to the hospital. Legally all hospitals are required to provide medical care to patients who are emergently ill however they are not obligated to provide continuous medical care to uninsured patients who are medially stabilized.

Dunnellon Florida
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Zip codes: 34430 & 34432
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