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Some outfits have deemed the new healthcare reform act as Obama care which is designed fail and will pave way for full blown socialization of health care and health insurance in USA.

Many feel that the individual health insurance mandate is against the constitution of USA. To make things worse people who do not own health insurance are liable to pay fine of about $695 or 2.5% of their annual income. People think of this as government meddling with their lives and in the healthcare sector. But somehow people feel this is a good time to see how you can go around this law.

One thing to do is not to purchase health insurance and underpay your income tax, so that the IRS does not owe you any refund the next year and keep this on for 10 years. According to USA Today, the IRS has the mandate to collect the fines imposed for not purchasing health insurance. But IRS can penalize you only by withholding your income tax refund. Therefore no refund no fine!

And if you think you are doomed if you do not have health insurance ? because you might have to pay horrendous medical bills, don?t worry yet. According to the law, you can always purchase a policy after you fall ill or are diagnosed with a medical condition as the according to the new health care reform law no insurer can refuse health insurance on basis of pre existing medical condition or charge higher rates.

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