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President Obama signed the health care reform act and ushered in a revolutionary change in America?s bloated health care system. But change is still around the corner as many Americans are still queuing up at the free health clinics and going abroad for invasive medical care. This is a bill that nobody is really happy with ? some critics insist that it has gone so far that it meddles with our daily life while others are amazed at how little the bill actually does for the common American. But at least this is a start.

The full force of the bill will come into play only in 2018 and the roll out will not be without glitches. But people without health insurance are still facing problems of no access to medical care or the threat of bankruptcy.

There was footage of free medical clinic in Los Angeles (April 27 to May 3) which provided medical advice and care to patients who could not go to normal hospitals due to lack of health insurance. This clinic was manned by over 300 medical volunteers and it was hoped that close to 1200 patients would be pass through each day. Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps runs this and it hopes to run many such clinics this year throughout America. Most people who visited this clinic did not have health insurance and were either jobless or working poor.

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