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No surprises here, Americans do not have any positive opinion about US health care systems, in spite of have good personal experience according to a Reuters Report. We can however take heart, because Americans are also aware that they are ill informed about US health care system. As always, like everybody else they are afraid of change. They rather stick with present health care system that is known and familiar to them, rather than go with the new health care reform which they are certainly not familiar with. It is amazing that people with private health insurance are worry warts when it comes to paying for the medical bills. People on Medicare and those on military health care systems are not too worried.

In spite of news coverage that the new health care reform gets, very few people know how it affects their lives, their health insurance premium and the medical care that they receive. Only thing that seems to be sticking is that buying health insurance is mandatory and those who do not have health insurance need to pay financial penalty. Many people think that the current health system does not work great and that it is flawed but they think it is better to stick with what you have. The new health care system seems to bring out the fear of the unknown.

Englewood Florida
City of Englewood Florida
Zip codes: 34223 & 34295
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