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Cities of Florida are taking proactive steps to reduce health insurance costs. City of Deland is seriously in the middle of going into health care business and thereby reduces health insurance expenses of its employees. Looks like going into health care business to save on health insurance premium is catching up,. About 10 towns in Florida, counties and school boards have already done so. DeLand is simply playing catch up. DeLand will ensure that its employees get basic health care for free, in the clinic it opens up. The employees will also be able to get prescription drugs for at lesser cost.

Buy asking city employees to use the clinic the City of Deland will be able to reduce the claims filed with the health insurance company and in turn the health insurance company will reduce charges. The cost of such operation will be borne by the savings.

For example the School Board employees of St. Johns County were filing claims worth about $200,000 per months which as now come down to $50,000 since the School Board opened up a employee health care clinic. The clinic has been operating since July 2008.

The City of DeLand has about 361 employees who cost the city around $2.5million each year for health care and health insurance. Each of the workers pays around 50 dollars per month towards health insurance.

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