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There are some people and outfits that represent millions of people and they strongly reject the individual mandate of the Patient Protect and Affordable Health Care Act 2009. Though the groups and member of many of the organizations that these people represent may not be in agreement of the best ways to reform the American healthcare system, the y do agree that forcing people to buy health insurance is not the way to go. In fact threat of fines or jail if individuals do not posses health insurance is against the very foundation of American constitution.

The part that raises hackles among most is the ?individual mandate? section of the bill that insists that every American must buy health insurance, irrespective of whether they want it or not. They need to have a health insurance cover even if they think they cannot afford it. If they do not have health cover then they are liable to pay financial penalty. Therefore the health care bill does not really provide health care coverage to over thirty million Americans but instead turns them into criminals if they do buy health insurance. This therefore simply fills the coffers of the private health insurance companies.

Executing this mandate would simply be a good victory for the health insurance companies who would be enjoying profits at the expense of poor American people.

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