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City of DeLand plans to get into health care business just so it can save of health insurance a cost of it?s around 361 employees. Besides it also pay about two and a half million dollars each to the health insurance companies where as each of the 361 employees pay around 50 dollars per month.

The city commissioners were at a presentation by representatives of consulting groups based in Ocoee. This group has been operating health care clinics for government clients for years. If the commissioners were to decide to go ahead, this consulting group would operate the clinic and will be charging a flat rate per employee and this is to cost city about three hundred thousand dollars a year.

Leasing a space and clinic?s utility would be a responsibility that would be borne by DeLand city. It is said that setting up a clinic will not actually decrease the cost of the health insurance for the city but would actually keep it from increasing. The expected increase at the time of renewal is around 30 percent. However if it sets up a clinic they the city might be able to persuade the health insurance companies to increase the premium to around fourteen percent.

The clinic is free for the city employees and workers avoid paying copays of 30 USD they pay for doctor visits.

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