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Thanks to healthcare reform bill many senior citizens are worried that the new federal law would not offer them the benefits of Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage is a health insurance plan that is offered to the seniors and has perks like gym membership and the government spends more on Medicare Advantage health insurance plan than plain Medicare.

Medicare Advantages health insurance plans have not been axed in the health reform bill but seniors in Florida are not getting the best service on it yet.

Seniors in Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties are the beneficiaries of the Medicare Advantage plans and nearly all of them are rates 2.5 to 3 stars on quality scale of 5 stars. On the government quality scale 5 stars is excellent and 1 star is poor. It is telling that no local plan is rated 5 stars. That is expected to change soon, as under the health care reform act companies whose Medicare health insurance plans score 4 or 5 stars shall be getting more money from the government. This will ensure that the companies strive to increase their service levels.

Till the health care reform bill was passed, government ratings simply served as customer service, just to so that seniors could decide which plans to opt for. Ratings were given on the basis of how often preventive services were provided to the policy holders. The preventive services are screening tests, vaccines. It also rates plans on how well chronic conditions are managed.

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