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When people pack for a vacation they think of plane tickets, passport, and medical insurance but not medical evacuation insurance. There are many Americans who would be bankrupt without it. There is this story of librarian from the US who went to southwest China for a vacation and slipped on marble steps, which resulted in back injury. The lady thankfully had health insurance for travelers and also a medical evacuation insurance, which saved her from bankruptcy. Her regular insurance covered many things and was very comprehensive but it did not cover flying her home on a jet which was specially fitted with medical equipment for transportation of critically ill.

Experts say that with the summer vacation season approaching, international travelers should explore different ways in which they can cope and protect themselves with medical emergency. They need to register themselves with the state department who would help them arrange doctors and help with medical emergencies and also with buying medical evacuation policies.

Many Americans are flown home each year using medical emergency flights because of health emergencies such as car accidents and heart attacks. Americans need to remember that most health insurance plans do not cover medical evacuations in foreign countries. Americans need to remember that their health insurance plans do not travel with them. American travelers should check if their health insurance policy covers evacuations.

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