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At least 18 states have filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn President Barak Obama?s health care overhaul. A federal judge in Florida is trying to fast track the case. However some legal experts say that settling these cases could easily take months.

Many of these states claim that the health insurance mandate forces citizens to buy health insurance cover and also forces the mandate on the state without providing means to pay for it.

This fall voters will decide if they want to overturn the health insurance mandate especially those required by the federal government. Florida legislature, which is Republican, placed a constitutional amendment on Vote that would ban any law that forces someone to participate in any healthcare system. Republicans felt that this was required to ensure that freedom and individual rights were maintained. Whereas the Democrats said this was similar to the fight over states rights when federal government forced school integration.

The laws that threaten those people who do not have and refuse to buy health insurance with penalties from the IRS, the supporters of the amendment said this would allow Americans living in Florida individual right and freedom with their health care decisions. This Amendment will be the law if 60 percent of people Vote for it. This amendment does not deny the right of the federal health law to anyone.

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