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This year special graduation present for Tallahassee graduates is health insurance cover on their parents? policy. Healthcare bill makes it a requirement for health insurance companies to extend the coverage of young adults of up to 26 years on their parent?s health insurance plan. Most of the health insurance companies are planning to start adhering to this policy well before the deadline.

But this coverage of adult offspring does have its limits. Here is some clarification issued by the Department of Health and Human Services which clarifies the scope of the policy:

Not all health insurance plan offer coverage to dependents and only those that offer dependent coverage need to comply with this requirement.

This policy is applicable even if the dependent is married. However the dependents spouse and children cannot be covered.

As for the employers, they do not have to pay the premium for a dependent that is added. The specifics of this have yet to be written. But the idea is all the dependents have to be treated equally. Therefore if the employer is paying say 60 percent premium of the dependents who are children the in theory the adult offspring of the existing employee should be entitled to 60 percent of the premium to be covered.

The adult offspring of the families can be covered on their policy even if on the Income Tax returns they are not listed as dependents.

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