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On May 12, Grace Medical Home a primary care non profit is opening in Central Florida, to provide medical care those without health insurance. This nonprofit medical home will provide a comprehensive primary care charging $20 annual fee and $20 facility fee per visit.

Only legal US residents living in the Orange County and with income less than 200 percent federal poverty line are eligible. They also should not have a health insurance cover and not be beneficiaries of government assisted health care programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. They should be a fulltime student or a single parent and also have been employed for the last six months.

Grace is depending on donations and grants for its functioning. Two hospital systems have offered support in terms of equipment and staff. One reason that hospital systems offered support is to reduce the use of emergency room by the working poor or people without health insurance. People without health insurance tend to use emergency room for minor illnesses or injuries as federal law requires hospitals to stabilize everyone who shows up there regardless of ability to pay.

Grace is relying on funding its operations through donations and grants and it expects to see 24,000 patients a year through its 500 square foot facility. The thought behind setting up Grace was to provide people without health insurance with quality care.

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