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Democrats in the Congress made sure that the health care reform bill was constitutionally impregnable. This ensures that the health care reform bills main mandate that all Americans carry health insurance very well constructed. In spite of laws elaborate scaffolding, Republican governors from nearly 20 states are trying topple health care reforms main pillar of mandatory health care insurance.

The legislation has become law since seven weeks and now at least 12 lawsuits have been filed challenging it as per the Justice Department Records. But the state of Florida has moved the fastest; filing a lawsuit just minutes after President Obama signed the bill.

Legal and constitutional experts believe that the argument lies in answering the questions ? if federal government can regulate inactivity ? by penalizing Americans who do not buy health insurance. If it is ok to do so, then it surely is ok for the federal government from mandating everything that pertains to the national interest such as physical exercise or buying an American car. Though there are quite a few who think Florida government is on a fishing expedition on taxpayer?s expense and doing it out of political motivation rather than seriousness. There is a thought that insurance mandate is very much within Supreme Court precedents. The states that have filed the lawsuit may not have too much of a chance as they are indirectly affected by mandatory health insurance.

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