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A Mr. Jones was let go from his job as a manager at a warehouse last year, but thanks to the stimulus bill he was able to continue keeping his health insurance. The stimulus bill had reduced his premium from $638 to $223 per month. There are many such stories in Freeport Florida. Mr. Jones insists that he would have been in deep trouble, had it not been for health insurance and stimulus ? as he has undergone two hernia operations since his lay off. He suffers from thyroid too.

However all this is set to change. From May 31 onwards, to combat deficit, the House of Democrats will not reauthorize the 65% subsidy for COBRA. COBRA is a federal programs that allows laid off worker to keep their ex employer sponsored health insurance for 18 months.

For many laid off workers country wide and Freeport Florida, COBRA without subsidy is simply too expensive. Many of the un employed or jobless workers have to use up over 84% of their unemployment benefits every month for health insurance. This simply means - no job equals no health insurance. Loss of health insurance is simply against the intention of the health care reform ? expansion of health coverage to those who need it the most! The subsidies have been a life saver and important for middle class families during the recession.

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