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It is really obscene that COBRA subsidies cut effect the most vulnerable section of the American society ? the middle class and Frostproof, Florida is no different. Federal subsidizes about 65% of the monthly health insurance premiums. Without the subsidies, the health insurance premiums will amount to about 84% of monthly health insurance premiums.

Without this COBRA subsides it is extremely difficult for many unemployed workers and their families to keep up with the monthly health insurance premium. It is to be expected as unemployment checks of a family may easily fall short of the health insurance premiums. There is a lot of symbolic fight and indications as well ? especially with the jobs reports showing more job cuts. This simply means that this is the worst time to withdraw COBRA subsidy. This is the time the country needs to show its support to the unemployed.

Apart from withdrawing the COBRA subsidies the Democrats also refused to help state with Medicaid cost ? amounting to up to 24billion. This simply means that the states are shall be required to cut Medicaid spending even more that they had initially planned. And this affects Frostproof, Florida too. An additional cut are likely in the form of cuts in Medicaid benefits, increases in out of pocket expenses and reduced payments to health care providers.

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