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Health care reform bill has resulting in the health insurance companies being very unhappy with certain provisions. A long prolonged battle is in the anvil ? over the provision in the health care reform bill that will govern the premium revenue being spent on medical costs. This will affect the residents of Fruitland Park Florida too.

It is also called as the medical loss ratio. Under the health care reform bill provision, government insists that the health insurance companies spend up to 85 cents out of every premium dollar be spent on medical costs. The remaining premium revenue is allowed to be used to pay for overheads and expenses that do not directly benefit patient care. This applies to medical claims for large group policy holders. For individual and small group policy holders it is 80 cents from every premium dollar. Many residents of Fruitland Park, Florida are aware of this.

Now this conflict simply centers on the issue of interpretation as to who will determine which expense is a medical one and directly benefits the patients and which one is an administrative one. How can anyone confidently say that good administration and consequently higher expenses on administration do not benefit the patient? The good intention of the provision was to bring transparency and accountability to the insurance industry. Also to ensure that the consumers get the maximum benefit of the health insurance plan that they pay for.

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