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2009 might not have been the best year for Americans and residents of Graceville Florida - due to the recession many lost their jobs and their health insurance cover. However on a happy not the number of children who enjoy health care insurance has increased. In 2009, 6.1 million children went without health insurance, which is a significant decrease compared to 9.9 million in 1997. This decreased in number of children without health insurance is mostly because the public plans. It seems that America is doing something right here - with future adults being taken care of. This is good for Graceville, Florida. The number of uninsured adults changes from state to state. States like Massachusetts only about 3.7% of adults were uninsured, where as for Texas this number was a whopping 24.6 percent. Also one of the trends that is now visible is - people with private health insurance opt for high deductibles, as this means lower monthly premium. The number of people opting for high deductibles has increased from 17.5 percent in 2007 to 22.4 percent in 2009.
Many experts think that this will surely change for the better, when the new health care reform kicks in fully in 2014. States like Massachusetts is surely leading the way, with universal health care law well in place.

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