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One good thing about the health care reform law is Medicaid is in a sweet spot. Medic aid is the healthcare plan for lower income groups and is administered by the state and the federal government provides the matching funds. Under the Obama administrationís health care reform though the states might see their costs of administering Medicaid marginally, they will be receiving more federal dollars according to a study. The health care and health insurance reforms brought many into the Medic care fold, which should have resulted in the states cost being higher. But the Congress has put in a caveat according to which the federal government will bear the 100 percent costs of all the new enrollees. This is good for residents of Green Cove Springs Florida.

Medic aid rolls are set to swell. While the healthcare and health insurance reforms were being put through in the Congress, Californiaís Director of Health Care programs claimed that the state could not afford it Medic aid program and so expansion seems to be out of question. Green Cove Springs Florida needs to look into how it will affect them.

Many states are reeling under the effects of the recession with historic declines in revenues where are the expenses are on the increase. Many states are trying to move quickly to promote health insurance coverage. Many states are wary of the expenses that the expanded Medicaid program entails. They will need to upgrade the new data bases and also build new ones to track the new enrollees who are eligible for the 100 percent reimbursement. The main concern being that there is no federal funding to meet the expenses of staff and technology.

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