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Business groups have given mixed reviews to the new laws of the Obama administration which limit the money that employers and health insurance companies are allowed to change their health insurance plans. This rule also enables them to be exempt from the costly new consumer protections. As expected there regulations were welcomed and praised by the consumer groups who said that this will enable Americans to reap the full benefits of the new health care law. This will effect the residents of Greenacres Florida too.

The new Obama administration law allows the existing or grandfathered health insurance plans the leeway of not complying with some provisions designed for protecting consumers. These provisions include not charging for immunizations, cancer screening and other preventive health measures.

Also the rules are very clear on when the plans will lose their grandfathered status and this includes premium increases and co payments increases or reduction in benefits. It is estimated that by 2013 more than half of the employers and more than 60 percent of the small employer plans will no long be able to claim grandfathered status. The residents of Greenacres Florida will need to look carefully at the employer sponsored plans.

This new regulation is being opposed by the same business groups that were against the health care reform bill as a grandfathered plan could lose its status by simply changing the co pay to over five dollars. And loosing grandfathered status means that the employers will be forced to comply with the new insurance rules leading to increase in the costs for both employers and employees.

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