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Though the worst of the recession is done with, itís after effects are still felt in the industry. Unemployment has continued to be a major worry and the health care and health insurance reform set to roll out fully on in 2014, COBRA subsidies are manna from the heaven for many. It is the only affordable health insurance option for working class people in America and Groveland Florida, and the federal government in not keen on extending the subsidy after it expires.

COBRA is an option when you are laid off or you leave a job and you need to continue your health insurance from you ex employer. Though not a government run program, COBRA is the best way for ex employees to have the safety of health insurance coverage with the employer sponsored health insurance program for up to 18 months.

Initially the ex employee had to pay 100 percent of the monthly premiums. This still worked in the favor of the ex employee as it was a employer sponsored group health insurance, it was significantly lower than buying individual health insurance. However with the recession in full force, lot of employees all over the country including Groveland Florida were laid off and had difficulty finding new jobs. It was then the Congress took action and COBRA was subsidized by 65% by the government. The un-employed had to bear only 35% of the monthly premium.

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