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Last year the health care reform debate grew to be rancorous and both Democrats and Republicans tried to acquire support from small business which represents 99.7% of the employers of the US economy. Republicans insisted that the health insurance or rather the health care reforms would mean that the small businesses will have to grapple with new uncertainties and job killing mandates.

Where Democrats are going about town ranting that the health insurance new regulations are a antidote to the employers rising costs. This is because small business spends more on plan administration and their employees end up paying more premiums as compared to employees working for large businesses. Since the health care reform became a bill the White House has been hosting high profile events so ensure dissemination of benefits to the small businesses.

However many small businesses even in Gulf Breeze Florida are not too convinced about the health care reform and think that there is not enough to guard them against sudden rate hikes.

Intended Benefits
  1. The provisions designed to reduce health insurance costs and bring low income workers expanded health insurance coverage. The small businesses are rewarded with additional tax credits and special protections.
  2. Businesses with more than 50 full time employees everywhere and in Gulf Breeze Florida will be exempt from these mandates after health exchanges come into existence in 2014.

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