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The Obama administration is deeply worried about the landmark health care reform bill which is actually a health insurance reform bill. It is rolling out a veritable campaign to sell the reforms. This includes spending millions of dollars on advertising to counter the criticism. The first stage of the campaign will be kick started when Obama travels to Wheaton. It will be a nation al telecast of question and answer session, with older citizens showing support to the popular features; Medicare rebate checks of $250 to help beneficiaries pay for prescription drugs. The residents of Gulfport Florida will be able to enjoy this benefit.

The timing is well thought out as the first set of checks will be sent out within next three days. This is just the beginning of what is to come during summer and fall according to the officials. The consumer friendly provisions such as tough regulations, high risk pool for people who find it difficult to be covered by health insurance and a website comparing all the health insurance plans.

When each of these milestone moments occurs Mr. Obama will surely take the opportunity of a public question and answer session once again. Gulfport Florida residents will be able to watch it on TV. There is of course lot of help available to Mr. Obama in the guise of Anita Dunn and Andrew Grossman – Obama’s former communications director and top Democratic strategist respectively.

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