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Can America really solve the health care riddle? It is astonishing to know that in 2003 only about 16 percent of health care spending was borne by the consumers. The rest 84 percent was paid for by the private health insurance companies and the government. Many economist think that this over reliance of health insurance lead to irrational decisions by the doctor and the patients, since third parties take care of the expenses. It is not possible to sell health care like groceries where the consumers pay for the treatment out of pocket for what they need. Due to its very nature health spending must be covered by health insurance. Residents of Hampton Florida must be covered by insurance too!

The reason is very simply. Health care spending follows the 80-20 rule where 20 percent of consumers account for 80 percent of the health care spending. This means that most of the population has very small medical bills, while a few people have very large bill. About 50 percent of the population had no medical expenses and 22 percent of the spending on health was attributed to1% of the population. This means that maximum spending on medical expenses can be attributed to small portion of the population who spending exceeds the limits on out of pocket spending. So it is only through health insurance that modern medical care can be made available to everyone. Therefore residents of Hampton Florida need to buy health insurance as a safety net.

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