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It is very difficult for private companies to offer health insurance as it suffers from adverse selection which is a well know economic problem. If we are to assume a private sector Health Insurance Company offers health insurance policies with premium based on average personís health expenses plus additional administrative cost, we cannot assume that the representative sample of the population will sign up. This is because a health person who really does not expect to fall ill and therefore does not expect a huge medical bill will not sign up for health insurance policies that reflect average persons spending and health costs. But a lot of unhealthy people, who have greater than average medical expenses, would find this policy very attractive. This is true even in Hawthorne Florida.

The health insurance company will surely find out that the cost per sign up is greater than that of the initially calculated average member of the population. This is mostly because people with greater medical expenses have signed up. To cover this excess cost the health insurance company would have to increase its premium. This will result in even less healthy customer bases as healthier people whose medical expenses are less than the premium would leave the health insurance plan. This will in turn lead to increase in the premiums. That is why the health insurance is expensive even in Hawthorne Florida.

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