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Federal Health care reform debates have lead a conclusion that United States health care system is one of the most inefficient and is also broken in many places. One of the major causes of inefficiency is employer sponsored health insurance and it is not discussed! The American Health care system evolved post World War II and Roosevelt Administration had a big part to play in the guise of wage controls. To attract workers, employers started offering health insurance as benefits. The unions bit the bait and forewent wage increases after the war, opting to keep health benefits.

Today employer sponsored health insurance is almost a universal phenomenon in United States with close to 58 percent of workers receiving health insurance through their employers. This is true of Hialeah Florida too.

Individual insurance has been around 5 percent. Yes, employer sponsored health insurance seems very good. However during economic downturns – unemployment rates soar and correspondingly number of people without health insurance increase too.

Besides a big portion of health insurance monthly payments in borne by the employers even in Hialeah Florida. This makes them uncompetitive – as this expenditure does not really help the business. The companies that offer a generous health benefit can end up as being very uncompetitive in the market. And in today’s globalized economy, these companies will go out of business. This system also discourages any would be entrepreneurs.

Hialeah Florida
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