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The current health care system in America, where it is required by law for businesses of certain number of employees to offer health insurance benefits offers a major disincentive to any new business. If you decide to start a new business, then you need to quit your job. This means that you are forced to forgo health insurance for some amount of time. You do have a choice of purchasing individual health insurance, which is prohibitively expensive. One reason being - the current pricing systems operates on economies of scale and therefore is stacked in the favor of employer based health insurance.

One more reason why employer based health insurance is lucrative is because it is treated as a business expenses and receives tax benefits. The money that is used to buy health insurance comes from taxed income. Businesses also benefit from bulk discount offered by the health insurance companies. Businesses in Hialeah Gardens Florida benefit too.

Health care reform tries to chip way the advantages of employer sponsored health insurance. One tool that it tries to us is a surcharge on high end employer sponsored health insurance. This will make employer sponsored health insurance a little less attractive. The second tool is health insurance exchanges or market place. These will enable small businesses all over the country and in Hialeah Gardens Florida and individuals to group together and buy health insurance and capture the economies of bulk buying.

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