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This is a great victory for San Francisco’s health care program, with US Supreme Court refusing to hear a appeal by Golden Gate Restaurant Association. At last all the legal hurdles have been overcome. The business group has challenged the provision that requires employers to help pay health insurance.

The Healthy San Francisco program requires businesses with more than 20 workers to pay for their employees’ health insurance or pay a fee to the city program. This will ensure that businesses pay at least 14 million dollars out of the 200 million dollar budget.

Health insurance coverage for consumers with pre existing medical condition was one of the USP of the health care reform legislation. But in Florida only 5 percent of those eligible will be covered by the federal funding, the rest will have to coughed by the state. Florida has about 750,000 uninsured persons who qualify for the high risk pool, but only 30,000 would be covered by the federal funding.

Around 3.8 million people in Florida have no health insurance. Of there about 20 percent have pre existing medical condition and are considered high risk.

Hopefully people like Larry Smith 61, will be able to have health insurance cover. He has worked many odd jobs and all of them have been without health insurance. He was not offered individual health insurance by any company because he had contracted polio as a child. Besides it was too expensive for him.

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