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This week a special program aiming to provide health insurance coverage to uninsured Americans who have existing medical conditions is to be launched. Monthly premiums or monthly outflow even after all the government subsidies will be out of reach of most people it is designed for. Also the program may not have a long shelf life as it may consume the 5 billion dollar allocation much before 2013. The Obama administration had allocated 5 billion dollars for the Pre Existing Condition health insurance plan and it has to be sustained till 2013. The administration aims to make this program available in all the state before the end of the summer. Many are urging people in Holly Hill Florida to enroll in this program as soon as they can, as this is a good chance for uninsured high risk individual to obtain a health insurance cover. In order to be eligible for this program, the individual has to be uninsured for at least 6 months and must have a pre existing medical condition.

There is a doubt if the Democrats will be able to gather 60 votes needed to pass the tax extender. Only 60 votes are needed to extend the health insurance benefits to around a million America. There is a precedent however, as the congress has as a rule extended unemployment benefits whenever the unemployment rate rose above 7 percent. Current the unemployment rate hovers around 8 percent and this is true of Holly Hill Florida too.

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