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We always hear stories like this and think this would not happen to me. Well one story goes like this a highly educated energy analyst realized one fine day that his health insurance plan would charge him more than one thousand dollars a year for prescription medicines that he needed. This he thought was outrageous and decided to shop around for cheaper health insurance plan. After scouring the internet and shopping around by switching to a different provider he would cut his monthly outflow from 218 dollars to around 173 dollars and pay only 35 dollars per month on prescription. He ended up saving close to 1200 dollars a year. There are such examples in Hollywood Florida too.

Shopping and comparing health insurance policy is not exactly day at the beach but it can save a lot of money, especially if you are planning to buy a individual health insurance policy. Also it is good to remember that health insurance companies have been requesting the government to raise premiums by about 20 percent on an average, each year. A bit of hard work now saves dollars and heartache in future. Health care premiums are set to rise in Hollywood Florida too.

A good thing to remember is nearly everyone will have a health insurance policy by 2014 when the reforms start kicking in. Some of the provisions of reform will start effective July 1 and you will have a subsidized policy from a high risk national pool, if you are denied health insurance on grounds of pre existing medical condition.

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