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One thorny issue about the implementation of the Health Care Reform Bill for many people is – government making health insurance coverage for everyone mandatory. Of course most people forget that this provision does not kick in till 2014. I for one think this is alright and my sincere advice to people who think that this is violation of their right to choose, please do not take any medical treatment! Residents of Homestead Florida please take note and buy health insurance.

My main grouse is with people who do not carry any health insurance but still continue to undergo medical treatment that they themselves cannot pay. So who ends up paying for it? Me of course and millions of others who have health insurance cover. Isn’t this violation of my right? I lead a hand to mouth existence and yet have monthly outflow on health insurance coverage and it keeps on increasing each year, as I pay for you. All that you cannot pay for is added on to my bills, which simply keeps inflating year after year. When large bill that you cannot pay for reaches the health insurance company, it simply passes on the cost to me! So the best way to ensure that nobody’s constitutional rights are abused – please stop going to the doctor.

Yes, you do have a right to go to the doctor and the hospital, to seek medical treatment .Since you are going to avail the services anyway, then you have the responsibility to pay for it too. You need to pay for the medical services that you consume. It would do well for residents of Homestead Florida to take note and be responsible enough to pay for medical services.

Homestead Florida
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