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Like many Americans I too celebrated when President Obama signed off the historic health care reform bill, because at last we had taken a courageous action – to treat our broken health care system. This was going to more inclusive than the current one and hopefully cheaper too! Recently many of the provisions kicked in and this brought us closer to a much better health care system.

Along with many other advocacy groups, NCLR also pitched in considerable effort so as to insure that the America’s working class and vulnerable families could finally have access to affordable health insurance.

This is just the beginning and the real hard work begins now. Though the health care reform act provides a good foundation to ensure inclusive health care system it will not guarantee that all citizens of America get the health care they need. From now on health insurance companies will not abuse the system and Americans will no longer face lifetime limits on their health insurance cover or loose coverage due to exclusions. The reform will also provide crucial information to people on their rights as consumers of medical services.

However now we must ensure that Latinos who are the most uninsured demographics in the nation are able to cross the obstacles to health insurance. Eligible but uninsured Latinos must be provided information and be empowered to take benefits of the new laws.

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