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Now there is a brand new option for people who are not offered health insurance plans by companies because they have a pre existing medical condition. The Obama government has now put a plan in place for these consumers. The federal government has a Pre existing Condition Insurance plan under the provisions of the health care reform act and has invited applications for the same. Residents of Inverness Florida might want to apply for the this health insurance plan.

The eligible consumers will have to without any health insurance cover for 6 months and should have been turned down by health insurance companies citing pre existing medical conditions.

It would be prudent for consumers in USA and even in Inverness Florida to remember that if they are in a state high risk insurance pool they are not eligible for the federal high risk health insurance plan.

Many policy analysts agree that this is not a permanent solution but a stop gap arrangement that will help the federal government get through till 2014, when the reforms start kicking in. And it does not seem credible that any private health insurance company would be able to keep this high risk pool affordable. Also it would create an imbalance unhealthy people filing expensive claims all the time.

Private health insurance companies have stated that they are willing to accept people with medical condition in2014 as by then the law would require everyone to have health insurance.

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