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Health care reform act is a long overdue victory for the American consumer, who has been suffering from cost escalations and indifference health care services. Residents of Jacksonville Florida have been facing cost escalations too. Health insurance companies are not losers either that is if they see this opportunity to improve their services and help increase in competition. Americans have been taken for a long expensive ride for too long and have been at the mercy of health insurance companies. Hope fully health insurance companies that form a significant part of corporate America do not take this as a move to decrease their clout or profitability.

While the new health care reform act does not seek to reign in fair rates imposed by the health insurance companies, it is also committed to making health care inclusive and affordable to the most vulnerable portion of the population. Yes, it is to be noted that the cost drive in the health care sector are not the health insurance companies alone and we need to be sure that the law is not used as an excuse to drive up the rates and costs. The seeks to give us tools for making the entire health care and health insurance delivery systems fair, cost effective, transparent and inclusive.

The executive officers of the company should be aware that they can no longer increase the premiums costs without any justification. Also they might be reigned in simply by transparency and competition provides by the health insurance exchanges. Jacksonville Florida residents will be able to buy insurance from health exchanges soon.

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