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The insurance regulators are once again grappling with the health care costs and have decided to hold the cap on more than 130 insurance plans up for renewal this summer. The health insurance premium rates are to be frozen at 2009 levels and predictable sent health insurance companies scrambling for data that supports their double digit hikes request. Though all is not lost for the health insurance companies and they were allowed increase on 63 plans for the small group markets including places like Key Colony.

Many benefits that are supposed to reach 32 to million uninsured Americans do not kick in till 2014, many provisions of the health care reforms come into force from September. There are many uninsured people in Key Colony Florida. Many health insurance companies are working towards complying with the rescission rule. Rescission are one of the more controversial practices by health insurance companies in America and under the health care reform act, it is totally prohibited. This of course does not apply to a case of fraud by the consumer. Now there is a legally defined platform for when rescission is appropriate. IN most states the law was not clear, but ambiguous and vague and the discretion was with the health insurance companies. There were more than 27,000 rescissions in American from 2003 to 2008 and that averages out to 3.7 rescission per 1000 health insurance policies. Health insurance companies have always defended rescissions as a defense against misrepresentation or lies on their applications.

Key Colony Florida
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