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One important criticism of the current healthcare reform plan is that tampa florida health insurance and small businesses for floridians will be adversely affected. Christina Romer, Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers for the Obama administration, asserts that the reform was actually designed to help small businesses. Romer stresses that small businesses are an important component of the U.S. economy and account for 18 percent of private sector jobs and that they accounted for 25 percent of net job growth from 1992 to 2005. She further notes that small businesses are currently suffering under the current tampa health insurance system. Small businesses typically pay health insurance premiums that are as much as 18 percent higher than premiums paid by large corporations. These costs are handled by small firms by limiting worker wages and resources that would be used for further research and development, which will only serve to minimize economic improvement.

Due to the higher cost of health insurance for small businesses, Romer suggests that many small businesses simply do not offer health insurance to their employees. Only about half of firms with less than 10 workers offer health insurance, but almost all companies that have more than 200 employees offer health insurance benefits. Even in small firms that where health insurance benefits are offered; those benefits typically pale in comparison to those offered by larger firms. Romer claims that the current version of the health care bill will help small businesses provide insurance for their employees without increasing their costs. The idea of health insurance exchanges has been proposed which allow many different health care options to employees at many different cost levels. The new health care plan also contains a provision for tax breaks for small businesses associated with florida health insurance benefits.

Health insurance reform in Florida as envisioned in current draft legislation would reduce the current burdens on small firms and their workers. This tax credit would be geared toward businesses of a certain size and income level. Other financial enticements would be offered to medium and large companies to ensure that benefits are offered to employees. Health insurance exchanges will serve to offer new and lower cost options for employees working for small businesses that do not currently offer a health insurance plan. People in low-income brackets would be able to obtain subsidies to make health insurance more affordable. Another provision designed to make health insurance more available will prevent insurance companies from denying coverage to those with preexisting conditions

Romer describes the plan as an economic strategy, not just a social strategy. She asserts that the economy will benefit as workers who would otherwise avoid small companies due to a lack of health care benefits will turn toward these small companies again, providing a qualified work force to an already proven and productive sector of the American economy – small businesses. Entrepreneurs will also be more willing to venture out on their own, knowing that healthcare benefits will be easier to obtain for their employees. Combined, these and other factors are expected to reverse a disturbing trend in the current economy.

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