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West Palm Beach Florida Health Insurance News Update --


Both the House and Senate have put forth their own versions of health care reform that would change how residents purchase west palm beach florida health insurance. The House version has passed and debate continues on the Senate version. Both proposals contain articles regarding a public option, which is a publicly funded health insurance program that would be made available to low income earners. This program would compete with private insurance companies in some ways, and would not replace private insurance, as a "single payer system" would do. The public option offers another choice for consumers outside of private insurance. This public option in Florida alternative has led to contentious debate in the Senate as of late.

Supporters of a public option claim that it will guarantee coverage to those who would not otherwise be able to afford to purchase it from private health insurance companies. Many people are rejected by private insurers due to pre-existing conditions, their age, or their type of employment and the public option is said to assist these people as well. Those in support of the public option state that the current system through private health insurance companies is prohibitive and discriminatory because there are many treatments and services that are not covered, and women typically pay higher premiums than men do. Supporters also claim that expenses in a public option system would be lower because there would be low administrative costs and no large salary and bonus programs for CEO's.

The public option is not supported by everyone however and many argue that a government controlled florida health insurance claim is too similar to a single payer system whereby the federal government would entirely take over the health insurance industry. This concerns many lawmakers who feel that government management of the health care system will only add expenses and inefficiencies. The current federal deficit is so large at this time that many lawmakers are simply not ready to make such a commitment because a government run health care system would be an extremely costly endeavor.

Powerful lobbies exist on both sides of this issue including the health insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). There are also many alternative opinions in Washington as to the best way to handle the uninsured. Lawmakers argue that the insurance industry has become too large and monopolized to be fair to consumers on one side, while on the other side many argue that the current medical care system is wasteful due to fraud and due to fears doctors have regarding medical malpractice actions. Tort reform is a major issue with many Republicans who argue that medical care costs could be controlled better if doctors did not have the burden of medical malpractice insurance. How do Palm Beach county residents feel about this public option?

Lawmakers generally agree that the current system has problems in getting the necessary coverage to all people, and specifically to the nations poor and to children. There is also an agreement that the middle class struggles under the burden of health insurance costs that are rising at a very fast rate.

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