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August 2007 Report - Clinton and Romney Both Want Universal Healthcare

Fort Lauderdale, Fl. - Sen. Hillary Clinton plans to improve the quality of health care', by expanding health insurance to all Americans while one Republican, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, 'tried to beat Clinton to the punch by releasing his health care plan while in Florida.

During a speech in New Hampshire, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton defended her vision of Universal Health Care. "She has a plan for the 45 million Americans who currently don't have health insurance. In order to forge a consensus on universal health care, we need to assure people that they will get the quality they expect at a cost they can afford."

Health insurance seems to be the hot topic with both Democratic and Republican Candidates. Hopefully, the end result will be that everyone in Florida will have some sort of health insurance."

Both Clinton and Romney were getting a lot of attention because of their stands on health care. They said, "either Clinton or Romney would be their choice in '08".

Mitt Romney, the architect of Massachusetts' universal health coverage plan, is unveiling his proposal for overhauling the nation's health care system, calling for a state-by-state approach that he says will "help millions of uninsured in this country gain access to affordable medical coverage."

Health insurance expert Moran said, The proposal, which Mr. Romney detailed before the Florida Medical Association, "departs significantly from the universal health care measure that he helped forge as governor of Massachusetts", reflecting the conservative audience he must now appeal to in order to win the Republican presidential nomination.

The Romney health insurance plan, which went into effect this year is still being watched closely to see how it will fare. This health insurance plan was Mr. Romney's stellar legislative accomplishment as governor but the insurance plan has elements that trouble many Republican conservatives, most notably a mandate that everyone who can afford it must buy health insurance or face penalties.



Mr. Romney often promotes his health care bill in Massachusetts on the campaign trail, holding it up as a private-market-based solution to the problem of the uninsured, as opposed to "socialized medicine," or "Hillary-care," as he often says. But "he almost never mentions the requirement that individuals buy coverage", the Florida health insurance consultant said,

There is no individual mandate in Mr. Romney's plan for the rest of the country. Instead, it concentrates on a "federalist" approach, premised on the belief that it is impossible to create a uniform system for the entire country. Along these lines, the federal government would offer incentives to states to take their own necessary steps to bring down the cost of health insurance. According to a spokesman for the Romney campaign, Mr. Romney will highlight how the nearly 45 million uninsured in the country will get coverage if he is elected.

In his health insurance plan, Romney proposes taking federal money to cover the cost of medical care for the uninsured. He also wants to "allow people who buy their own health insurance to be able to deduct premiums", deductibles and co-payments from their income.

According to Florida Health Insurance Web, "the goal would be for people to be able to opt out of employer plans if they do not like them and go out on the individual market to buy health insurance on their own."