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"AARP Florida Health Insurance Quotes"

You can get an AARP Florida health insurance policy through Aetna. AARP or Association of American Retired Persons, is a membership organization, consisting of people who are over 50. The AARP organization works towards ensuring quality health care facilities for the seniors. On the behalf of its members, the organization negotiates rates with different insurance companies and ensures that they get discounts and group benefits.

AARP Health Insurance in Florida provides top quality supplemental and comprehensive health insurance plans for its members aged 50-64.

These AARP Florida Health Insurance Plans Include

  • Essential Health Insurance plans: These are basic, fixed-cash hospital indemnity plans, which provide health insurance coverage with a considerably lower premium
  • Essential Premier AARP Health Insurance plans: These insurance plans are specially designed health insurance plans that offer quality coverage to certain specific individuals and their families.
  • Hospital Indemnity Health Insurance plans: These include reasonably priced indemnity plans with fixed-cash benefits. These indemnity plans are relatively much more affordable than other similar plans.
  • Essential Plus Health Insurance plans: These are enhanced fixed-cash hospital indemnity plans that provide cheaper/ lower-cost option to major medical insurance.

Significance of AARP Health Insurance Plans in Florida

AARP strives to find solutions to the increasing problem of people aged 50 and above and ensure them best quality health care facilities. The membership of the AARP is sharply divided on the long-term solution of health care facilities; however, the organization soon realized that the ever increasing costs of health care were forcing their members to make a choice between medical care and living expenses.

As a result, they entered into an agreement with Secure Horizons. Thanks to this agreement, the members of AARP now have the liberty to choose their additional coverage limits. Some plans include benefits, such as premium charged to the member and prescription medication coverage. This is very important, as it allows the members or policy holders to tailor-make their insurance plan, as per their budget and health care needs.

Misconceptions about AARP Health Insurance Plans

Some people think that the AARP Health is a stand-alone plan, wherein the AARP lays down or even influences terms and policies. This is not true. The fact is that AARP health insurance plan is a supplemental insurance plan that depends on the members’ eligibility for Medicare. Besides, Secure Horizons is not a part of the AARP group. Instead, it’s a separate entity that licenses the AARP name as part of the agreement to offer good quality and affordable supplemental coverage.

Another important point to note is that to remain a part of the AARP, it’s not necessary for the members to obtain supplemental health insurance coverage through Secure Horizons.

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