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Get Facts On Health Insurance Reform

Do you know the facts about health insurance reform? Health Insurance Reform Facts:

If you have you been watching Fox News or CNN lately, you must be aware that our country just passed a health insurance reform bill that will change your Florida health insurance forever. We are about to see some of the drastic changes to health care in the past 70 years. Health insurance reform was a high priority for President Barack Obama and it is very apparent that he has been using his democratic alliances and back room deals to get a health reform bill passed into law.

Fact #1 Florida Health Insurance Reform: For this year, 2010, all individuals and children that were denied Florida health insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition will be able to purchase health insurance. National High-risk pools are supposed offered for these individuals that will enable them to get covered. We really aren’t sure how the government is going to implement this program, so if you can get coverage today, make sure you get a policy today. The Florida high risk pool is supposed to be subsidized by your tax dollars, but legislation isn’t really clear on where you can apply for the subsidy at this point in time. Contact your to get details on the upcoming changes.

Annual and Lifetime maximums are also a going to be abolished effective 1-1-2010. Furthermore, your insurance carrier cannot drop you if you get sick. They really haven’t been able to do that in the past, but if you think spending over 5 million dollars in medical claims and only being offered the high risk pool plan after that means kicking you off if you become ill, I guess that could be said as true. Those spending extreme claims dollars due to catastrophic illnesses will be able to spend to infinity.

If you are 26 years old you can stay on the parental health insurance plan. Small businesses offering insurance benefits to their employees can get up to a 35% tax credit from premiums paid. This doesn’t make much sense for Florida health insurance policies as the state passed last year you can stay on your parent’s policy until 30 years of age, but I guess the government is trying to push every state into a cookie cutter plan. Lastly, new health plans written during this time have full preventative care with no co-pays or deductibles up to a dollar limit yet to be determined.

Fact #2 Facts About Health Insurance Reform: A new rule is that all Medicare health insurance plans must provide preventative care with no co-pays or deductibles what so ever. The so called Medicare Part D recipients receive 50% off all drugs that come within the “donut hole”, and health care carriers will have to justify any increase in Medicare premiums increases or will risk being kicked out of the new so called state health insurance exchange pools.

Fact #3 IRS On Health Insurance: In the future years of health insurance reform, in 2014, the IRS will impose a penalty of $750 per individual or 2% of income, whichever is greater, and kicks in for many that choose not to purchase a health insurance policy. You cannot be denied access to insurance coverage based on pre-existing medical conditions, and annual or lifetime max on a policy will be terminated. Lastly, the temp national high risk pools are finished and the states will have to have exchanges put in place. How does the state of Florida feel about this? They are currently sending in a lawsuit against this reform based on many criteria. The state knows they cannot afford these high risk pools in the future.

Fact #4 Health Insurance Wellness: Preventive care will be a big emphasis with our new health care bill. Insurance companies will be required to offer this coverage with no co-pays or deductibles. This information should help individual consumers looking for Florida health insurance and are wondering how all of this will help or hurt them. This will be a continuous battle between the left and right wing politicians. State governments are suing over the Constitutionality of some of the provisions of the bill, including the IRS fee for those who choose to be uninsured. How do you feel about this? Is our new health insurance bill against the laws that we abide by?

The power of the Internet has made it very easy to buy a health insurance plan for yourself or your family. Do your own research online for the information you need to make an educated decision on your health insurance policy in Florida. Call a health insurance broker today, 800-554-9142, to get started with getting all of your questions answered.

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