Florida Health Insurance Reform:
Bill Is Now Law

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Our great Florida lawmakers will make a decision on negotiation differences between our health insurance budgets very soon. The team of representatives has until April 30, 2010 to make their final decision on the topics at hand. Our House of Representatives approved a $67.2 billion budget today with the GOP majority behind ahead. The Senate's budget of $69.9 billion approved this week will bring a great deal of debate in the Sunshine state of Florida.

Florida Health Insurance Reform News Today: We all know that health insurance reform in Florida is now the law of the land. Barack Obama, the President of the United States is on the road trying to build support for his new health care bill. Many see this as an oxymoron and a very backward approach, but it's the White House response to the GOP’s repeal process. There is a great debate growing that will affect Florida health insurance policy holders in a great way. The GOP is going for repeal in full of the health care bill passed by Obama. They are focusing on all of the upcoming congressional elections in November and have already started campaigning on a repeal of this crazy healthcare bill. Republicans believe that this health insurance bill is taking away jobs, hurting small business, and is an overall redistribution of wealth. What will happen with health insurance in the fall is remain to be seen.

Republicans On Health Care Reform: The GOP party is watching the President very carefully as he is making appearances across the country. The White House Press Secretary Mr. Bill Burton recently traveled to Florida with Barack Obama to ensure the general public that his health insurance bill will help the majority of America. It was the first in a series of events Mr. Obama will have, that are 'designed to change the thoughts, the rumors and myths that underscore the benefits' of the health insurance reform bill. In the previous week, in Iowa, Obama showed many parts of the bill that will go into place this year, such as stopping the insurance carriers to deny coverage for all children based on their pre existing conditions. The main goal of his trip was to defame the Republicans of all the so called “myths” they are spreading about this reform bill. GOP think that the absurd amount of taxes necessary for this bill will kill the already sluggish economy.

President Sells Health Insurance Reforms: Upon completing his speech, President Barack Obama was traveling north to New England to perform a speech to keep selling his healthcare bill. The majority of Americans have opposed his health insurance bill. Nearly 57% of most polls show that they do not approve of the actions of the Government and the Democratic leadership. Obama’s public approval ratings are more than twice those of Congress, but have been slipping daily. Do you approve of the President having to travel around the country to sell his health care bill?

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